Sunday, October 25, 2009

7 weeks to go

First week of the crazy 8 week training plan done. Each week I will summarize mileage total and key workouts- with goal and actual times.

This week- 72 miles, long run, 2 workouts

Workout 1 (3*2 miles with 2 minute recovery)

Hit the two mile Lansdowne/Wingrave loop with Ben for 3*2 miles with 2 minute recovery. The first mile is a net downhill and is fast, the second mile is pretty much all uphill and hard! We had talked about hitting 5.40-5.45 pace but that immediately went out the window as we ran 5.24 for the first mile, even though it didn't feel particularly fast. So I ended up working harder than originally planned for this workout but happy with the results.

Hit 11:05 (5.24/5.41), 11:11 (5.26/5.45) and 11:20 (5.36/5.44). Was with Ben through the first miles but then he would crush me on the hill. Oh and then he did a 4th! Happy with how the training is developing though...

Workout 2 (4 mile tempo on trails (6:00 pace), 1 mile jog, 6,400m tempo on track (5:45 pace)

Headed out in the afternoon which is always a bit weird but hit a fairly decent workout. Warmed up for a mile followed by 4 * 200m strides. Did the first 4 miles of the tempo at Mcalpine. Goal was 6:00 pace. Hit 5:45, slowed down so get closer to prescribed pace for next 3 (5:54,5:58,5:56), mile recovery to CC track, straight into second 4 miles (1600s) of tempo.

Goal for these was 5:45 pace but could tell immediately that this wasn't going to happen. Hit 5:54,5:54,5:50,5:46. Finished with 4*100m striders and a jog home.

To be honest I was absolutely zapped by this workout but I think it was more the accumulation of work the past few weeks than lack of current fitness. It was interesting as in Mcalpine I was having to hold myself back to hit the pace whereas at the track my legs just had no spark and I was dragging myself around.

Got it done though. Rest day tomorrow and a 'down' week ahead- I'm due one

MCM'ers did great!

Long run- 18 miles 'easy'

18 miles in 2:07:20 (7:04 average). 1st official long run of the 7 week charge. Ran 11 on my own (Alexander/Sardis loop and through Mcalpine) then met up with Ben, Caitlin, Megan and Matt for 5 or so and a couple on my own again at the end. Felt smooth on my own, then was just chatting, then the last couple of miles were hard going and legs felt heavy (not surprised). Was fully recovered from Wednesday though. Now just got to hope I can recover somewhat before tomorrow's workout.

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