Sunday, November 1, 2009

A weekend of two halves

A slightly strange week. This was a down week so I didn't run Monday and three of the other days were easy and short. The plan was to hit the two workouts hard and get a decent 20 mile run in. Had to settle for two out of three...

This week- 59 miles, long run, 2 workouts

Workout 1 (4*3*800 at 3:00,2:50,2:40,2:30- 30 seconds between the reps, 3 minutes between the sets)

This was a pretty cool workout and it went better than expected.

Hit(3.02,3.01,3.01),(2.49,2.47,2.50),(2.39,2.39,2.40), (2.31,2.35,2.35)

I knew that the workout really would be starting after the third set and so it proved. I was actually on pace through 400 to hit the goal time on the 11th rep but then the legs and form started getting a bit wobbly and I pretty much had to drag myself through the rest of the workout at 5:10 pace. Happy with this though. Legs are feeling good this week.

Before and after the workout I ran a set of 4*100m striders

Workout 2 (3*2 miles on Lansdowne loop- 2 minutes recovery. Goal 11:10s (5:30/5:40)

Fail... Didn't head out until the afternoon and I think therein lies half the problem. My body is used to getting it done first thing!

whatever it was, felt very flat and tired from the off today. Did the first 2 miles in 11.06(5.27,5.39) which was right on schedule for pace but not effort! was very tired already. did the first mile of the second rep in 5.40 and decided enough was enough, no point in flogging a dead horse with 20 miles on the schedule tomorrow am

rough with the smooth...

Long run- 20 miles (2:18:22- 6:55 pace)

Talk about a weekend of two halves! Much better run today. Took a pre run Gu, ran up to Arborway to run a few miles on the course, headed back to Mcalpine, took on some Gu and a water stop (10.5 miles) and set off to meet up with Jay, etc. for some company for the last part of my run. Hadn't reckoned with the rains last night splitting Mcalpine in two however so couldn't get across the bridges to meet them! Headed back out of the park, down Wingrave, Providence, Alexander, Brackenbury, Sardis and home. Felt decent throughout and closed the last five miles at sub 6:40 pace. Maybe I should precede all my runs with a diet of candy, hot dogs and beer!

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