Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another week in the books

So another week gone and pretty happy with the week's work. Being off work was nice, fun being able to take the kids to school, have lunch with Lisa, etc. So back to work tomorrow, refreshed and ready to see how the new role works out.

The week also saw the after effects of Hurricane Ida pass through. We had three solid days of rain and high winds so had to adapt the training around that- not having to work obviously helped with this! So I had to juggle around my workouts and they panned out as below. All in all I ran over 75 miles for the second successive week. Another 75 planned this week and then the taper begins....

Workout 1 (10 mile Tempo)

Glad to get this done considering the weather! Chose a route around the neighbourhood as I knew the roads wouldn't be flooded. Billy drove all the way down to join me too which was greatly appreciated.

Couple of miles warm up, quick change into dry gear and flats and straight into the tempo. Ran 10 miles in 59:26. Splits were very even except the first one which we ran too hard (5:48,6:00,5:55,5:59,6:00,5:56,6:00,5:57,5:57,5:55)

The rain wasn't actually too bad (although i was thoroughly drenched by the end and tights were starting to weigh me down!). Happy with how this turned out

Workout 2(Predator- 8 mile cutback starting at 6:00 and taking 5 seconds off per mile)

Was meant to be a cut down workout starting off at 6 minute pace and knocking off 5 seconds per mile but I got all my pacing messed up and the splits ended up being all over the place

5:50 (too fast despite trying to hold it back)
5:56 (back on track)
5:43 (picked it up too much)
5:52 (went to sleep)
5:39 (this was the right pace)
5:39 (couldn't go much faster at this point)
5:31 (picked it up as much as I could for the last one)

Total for 8 miles 45:52 (average 5:42)

Certainly went to the well in this workout but some more solid work in the bank, although disappointing that I wasn't able to follow the prescribed pacing/workout purpose

Long run (24.2 miles in 2:52:43 (7:08 pace))

Longest run of the Plan banked. Pretty happy with how it went. I didn't feel great to start with, I actually felt a little light headed so wasn't confident I was going to pull the run off but once I got through that patch I was fine.

Legs felt heavy on the last ten miles and I felt I was plodding but we were running about 6:50 pace when I looked at the splits after the run.

Ran almost all of the course. First half with Steve Spada, had a good chat with him, then stopped at the Y had a couple of gus and some water and picked up Jay, Justin, Billy and Ben for some company for the second half- thanks guys!

First half was about 7:20 pace, second half closer to 6:50. Would be nice to negative split like that on the day itself! It is a reflection though that the first half of the course is a lot more challenging than the second. If you can get yourself in a good position at the half you should be in a good situation for the second half.

Planning a day off tomorrow but still need to get 75 miles in and only a long run of 18 this week so I'll have to work that out


  1. Nice run! I'm glad to hear that the long run went well. Have you done soemthing like that in the past?

  2. no Adeel that was the longest time I've ever spent on my feet. I've consciously added some longer runs than the previous time I trained for a marathon so we'll see what happens. 18 will be the longest I run from here on though

  3. Captain, great week. Wish you had a few more weeks to be a 'full time' runner, but it's back to work... all the best with the new position!

  4. Did you feel that sheer endurance was lacking in your previous marathon(s)? You're a pretty speedy guy, and I see very long runs more from guys on the endurance side of marathoning.

  5. I did- so I'm working on my weaknesses rather than my strengths this time round