Sunday, October 10, 2010

5 weeks out

It's a Sunday, 34 days till Richmond, I've done my planned mileage and workouts for the week and am taking a much appreciated day off from running. Yesterday I completed what will be the longest run of this cycle- 24 miles- at a shade under 7 minute mile pace. I ran a 10 mile Tempo run on Tuesday in 57:29. The previous week I ran 8 1000m repeats with a 200m jog recovery at an average of 3:14. I'm working all my systems hard and getting my required miles in in between. Things are progressing nicely and I just need to hold it together for the next three weeks before the countdown to Richmond begins.

It seems like you have to be running well and consistently in Charlotte at the moment or you'll be left behind! Everyone seems to be hitting their workouts hard and racing well! Best example of this coming from Twin Cities last weekend where fellow bloggers and regular training partners Caitlin and Bill both ran races to remember, one an amazing marathon debut clinching an Olympic Trials berth by a mere 4 minutes (!), the other yet another solid performance from a highly experienced marathoner who had faced adversity in his training this time around but pulled it out on game day. Inspirational, motivational.

On the docket for next week is another 80 mile week with a 10*800 workout with Jay on Wednesday and the final race of this year's Grand Prix next Saturday, a 15k classic race on the Charlotte running scene. This will be my final race before Richmond and with 2nd place in the Grand Prix sewn up I have some specific goals I would like to meet for this race. More of that later in the week. In the mean time, have a good week everyone and keep rolling!

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