Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten days on from Blue Ridge

Things have continued to roll on pretty smoothly since the relay. I was sore and tired the Sunday after getting back but managed to get an easy 5 in and by Wednesday of the following week most of the residual soreness had disappeared- it seems I made the right choice in asking for the Mountain Goat stage as my last leg at the race in terms of recovery. In fact last week I ended up running 85 miles from Monday to Sunday, which was actually a new record for me! All those miles were at an easy pace except for racing the penultimate Grand Prix race of the year on Saturday (Hit the Brixx 10k).

That race went pretty well. My racing buddy Jay Holder was back and I managed to pip him at the finish to come third in 34:12 behind Brett Howell and 2010 GP champion Jordan Kinley who won his 8th successive GP race! We all measured the course slightly long so it was probably a sub 34 showing on what is a pretty tough course and just a week after Blue Ridge. I then ran my longest run of the cycle so far on Sunday (22 miles in 2:37) which was bit of a struggle at the end to be honest but not unexpected.

This week is a cutback week before three more weeks of getting after it and two weeks of chilling out heading into Richmond on November 13th. Most of us are doing different workout schedules now it seems so my next 4 workouts over the next couple of weeks (starting with 8 mile AT tempo tomorrow) are going to be solo….

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