Thursday, September 16, 2010

Off to Blue Ridge

Have got everything packed (I hope!) and am ready to go! Our team is solid and complete and we're looking to have a fun time and compete well. I leave Charlotte tomorrow at 8 am. The race starts at 1pm for us and I am on legs 7,19 and 31. Leg 7 will be at about 5pm and is a nasty 5 miler mostly downhill with a huge hill at the end, 19 is a nice easy gradual downhill 4 miles at around midnight and 31 will be at about 7am and is an absolute beast 6.5 miles straight up- no flat or downhill at all!! I took the option of the mountain goat stage figuring my legs won't take as much of a battering as they would have had I run the 9 mile downhill stage I was originally down for!

Wish me luck and safe recovery for my legs! I had another very solid workout on Wednesday am and am keeping Richmond in sight as the main goal!!

Full report and pics to follow!

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