Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CRC unofficial Blue Ridge Relay awards

The ‘Shaving Time’ award- Brian McMahon.

Who needs fake mustaches when you’ve got the Screeching Weasel? Our own mustache wielding hero led off our assault at 1pm on Friday eventually covering his total 15.4miles at an average 6:13 pace!

The ‘Beast’ award- John Compton.

Sick as a dog all week leading up to the race, JC manned up and destroyed all of his legs. John took on more miles than everyone else (22) and ran them at a 5:54 average!! Amazing

The ‘Shiny Happy People’ award- Michelle Hazelton

This girl never stops smiling and laughing- even when she’s about to embark on a beast of a 9 mile leg! Great for van morale! Michelle ran 16.5 miles at an average 6:46 clip!

The ‘Non-designated Driver’ award- Billy Shue

It was a good job Billy didn’t drive the van along the course at any point or there quite literally may have been some road kill. The last male member to join the team, Billy put up a heroic performance notching an average 6:14 pace for his 17.6 miles

The ‘Last Minute Heroine’ award- Anne Falcone

There was a week to go and we were desperate. A late withdrawal meant we needed a lady for the team otherwise we were going to have to scratch a guy too and run with 10. Luckily Anne stepped into the breach and Captain Hovis rewarded her with the most unscenic leg of the race run at the hottest part of the day through ‘down town’ Jefferson! 17.6 miles later at an average 6:40 pace we were proud to have had her on our team!

The ‘I run with Maggots’ award- Jocelyn Sikora

Blue Ridge veteran Jocelyn (one of only two members of our team who had done this thing before) always seemed to have one of Norm’s Maggots with her when she passed the wristband on to me! What a competitor! Jocelyn ran a total of 15.5 miles at an average 6:54 pace, scarcely credible when you see the terrain she had to cover on her first two legs!

The ‘Lance Armstrong’ award- Paul Mainwaring

Handed the wristband for the infamous ‘Mountain Goat’ leg 31 of the relay alongside (of course) Norm’s Maggot and new Facebook friend Frankie, Paul proceeded patiently up the Alpe D’Huez-esque stage and grabbed an important lead over the Maggots heading into the last few legs of the race. After five miles of relentless climbing he was greeted at the top by the screams and cheers of his teammates- later revealing that it was one of the most emotional moments of his running career. His 43:41 time for the 6.5 mile haul was an unofficial course record and in total Paul ran 16.2 miles at an average pace of 6:09

The ‘Take one for the Team’ award- Ben Hovis

Captain Fantastic Hovis took one for the team when he swopped legs last minute with ‘Lance’ who had moaned something about not wanting to hurt his legs by doing the infamous 9.3 mile all downhill leg 32. An hour before this leg, Ben was sick as a dog, throwing up three times and feeling like crap. Somehow though he covered this stage at an average pace of 5:31 and in total ran 21.5 miles at an average pace of 5:40- can you believe that?!

The ‘Mountain Goat’ award- Boriana Bakaltcheva

When we drove over leg 33 we could scarcely believe you could possibly run up and down it. The grade and distance was incredible! Our Mountain Goat Boriana took it on with aplomb, keeping us in sight of the Maggots with 3 legs to go. Boriana ran a total of 12.8 miles at a 7:23 pace!!

The ‘Sweaty’ award- Danielle Crockford

I have never seen someone sweat as much as this girl (sorry ‘perspire’- guys and horses sweat, ladies perspire). What a team player! Given the unenviable task of having to hold off or chase the Maggot’s only female representative, stud Amber Moran, Danielle put forth an amazing effort, covering the most miles of all the ladies (18.2) at a 6:47 average. Ridiculous!

The ‘Perpetual Runner’ award- Alice Rogers

If she wasn’t applying make up in the van or keeping it nice and odour free with various sprays and ointments, you could guarantee that Alice would be out there running somewhere. Not content with having to run 16.1 miles total (at an amazing average pace of 6:34!!), Alice never stopped running- be it to warm up, warm down, help others warm up, cheer in the next runner, you name it Alice was out there! Rumor has it she covered 208 miles by herself…

The ‘Solid as a Rock’ award- Mike Beigay

Our unofficial Vice Captain and only other Blue Ridge veteran, Mike was the rock of the team, organizing and driving the vans and sorting out every other possible logistic. Oh and then he was our star Anchor man, consistently putting time into our Maggots rival and nearly doing enough to bring us home in front of them. Mike ran a total of 17.8 miles at a 5:49 average!!

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