Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off to Cleveland!

Looking forward to a great weekend with the Budics! Travelling up tomorrow back on Monday. Obligatory race to squeeze in- a 6k XC Meet at Case Western Reserve University- looking forward to being rolled on by a bunch of college guys! The weekend should be a blast with lots of fun activities planned!

A mixed bag of other news unfortunately this week. In no particular order, there is Jay having to pull out of Blue Ridge Relay Squad due to work commitments, captain Hovis straight on the case in looking for a replacement but Jay will be sorely missed both from a running angle and the ‘camaraderie’ aspect! Then a couple of my close running friends, Megan and Meagan both succumbing to unfortunate injuries. Meagan has a similar injury to what I had last year so I know what she will be going through right now. Get well soon both! Finally my trusty Garmin has decided to pack up on me and I will now be in search of a replacement. Running 'sans watch' this morning was a little weird.

On the plus side (from a personal point of view of course) I've had a pretty good training week so far with a solid 10*800 workout on the Dilworth Speed Loop on Tuesday evening and easy miles every other day. Should hit 70-75 this week and with 80 on the cards next week, Richmond is starting to come into focus.

I probably won't have access to a pc over the weekend so I'll update this when I get back next week. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. I heard they have internet in Cleveland too. but I could be wrong...

  2. you'll be too busy entertaining us to get time to log on!