Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's do this

I head to Richmond tomorrow and it can’t come soon enough. I’m feeling ready and rested and just want to get this done! Since my last update things have gone smoothly. For my two ‘stressor’ workouts I ran a 14 miler on Friday with miles 10 and 12 at sub 6 pace and a solid 4 mile tempo effort during my last workout on Tuesday. Other than that it has just been a case of running nice and easy each day, stretching, hydrating and eating well and getting some extra shut eye each night. The weather looks pretty good at the moment and Coach and I have talked strategy based on the set up of the course. I am as well prepared as I think I could be and now just need to execute- with the marathon you just never know!

So we drive up tomorrow. Lisa’s parents live about an hour away from Richmond so we are staying with them. Friday we will head into Richmond in the afternoon go to the expo and pick up race number, etc. Then hopefully Aaron and Jay will be joining us for a course preview in the car and we are meeting some of Lisa’s friends at a downtown restaurant in the evening. Lisa and the kids will then head back to her parents and I’m staying at a hotel with Aaron and Jay less than a mile from the start line. We also have the room booked for Saturday night and a bunch of other Charlotteans are heading up for the Half and Full and staying so hopefully come Saturday night we will all be slamming the beers and celebrating our successes!

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