Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My least favourite run of the week

Is always the Wednesday morning run following a hard night on the track on Tuesday. This morning was no exception. I got up, procrastinated, contemplated heading out at lunch time in the 95 degree heat, considered taking a day off and doubling tomorrow, you name it I tried to find an excuse not to run! However, common sense prevailed and I gingerly headed out. The first mile was 8:34 and I eventually slogged through 52 minutes at about an 8:00 pace average. Normally I can lessen the misery of these runs by heading to the Dowd and finding solace in company, but as I didn’t get back from the track till late last night and barely got to see the girls before they went to sleep I promised them I would be at home when they woke up in the morning so no Dowd for me.

Anyhow, glad to get it done and feeling much better for it! Tuesday night went well with victory in the 3200 in 9:50 followed by 2 kms in 3:06 and 3:12 pretty much straight after. The trading laps with Aaron and Jay went well and left me with plenty of gas in the tank for the last 800 when the ‘gloves were off’. This probably converts to about a 15:45 5k so pretty happy where I’m at right now. Onwards….

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  1. Very nice 3200 last night Paul! There are a lot of races where I try to make myself feel better by thinking, "I ran that fast back in the day". But never did I sniff 9:50! Good stuff. Hope I didn't get in the way - made a concerted effort to move into lane 2 this year before becoming an obstacle!