Monday, June 13, 2011

Week in review

Another solid week of training in the books. I hit 65 miles but managed to snag a day off yesterday as I doubled three times. The workouts were solid and I got nearly two hours on my feet Saturday. Lisa and I even managed to get a night out on Saturday so all in all it was a good week! This one will be sad though as it will mark Jay's last week in Charlotte before he heads off to NYC- another good friend/training partner leaving me!

M- 9.6
T- 5 am (strides)/7 pm inc. 3200m in 9:50, 2ks in 3:06/3:12
W- 6.6
Th- 4.5 am (strides)/4.1 pm
F- 11.2 inc. 8 tempo (5:55 pace)
S- 15 @7:20 am/3.75 pm (strides)
S- OFF (spent the whole day walking round Carowinds though!)

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