Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post BRR update

Needless to say after the relay I was very sore and stiff for a few days. However, a glance at my post BRR training log from last year had given me hope as it just so happened that that particular week ended up being my biggest mileage week ever (85 miles for all the statisticians amongst you). They’d been slow miles and the only workout had been a 10k race but still I had proven before I could recover quite quickly from the race.

And indeed this year was pretty much the same story. I obviously didn’t hit anywhere near 85 miles (I’m not deep in training for a marathon this year and my mileage has been more in the 60-65 range the past few weeks anyway) but I still had a decent enough week. By Wednesday my legs were almost ‘back to normal’ and on the Saturday I felt good enough to take advantage of some very favorable temps to win the 10th race in the GP series, the Brixx 10k, with a decent enough 33:52 solo effort, my second fastest on this course over the years and 30 seconds faster than last year’s equivalent.

To be honest that race gave me a taste for having one last effort at training for a goal race this year, the Thunder Road Half which will be held here in November. I had started to feel a bit ambiguous about my running (as evidenced by me pulling the plug on the blog temporarily!) but the time I achieved and the circumstances in which I got that time led me to believe that I could indeed have a go at training for one more race this year

So coach was notified and we are working on getting at least somewhat ready for the Half. Strictly speaking, I really feel I need a break, but the timing of the November race is good as after that I can put my feet up for a while and not worry too much about not racing as we hit the comparatively barren Winter months.

So I’ll drag this weary body through the next few weeks and see what I can get out of it. My right knee has been acting a bit grumpy this week and today I wiped out on it during my run so it is feeling extra battered but I’m hoping this too will soon pass and I can run a solid enough race at the Grand Prix Finale next weekend. After all, it would be a shame to do my ‘lap of honor’ at walking pace (I need to at least finish the race to get the required Bonus points)!!

In other news, this weekend Lisa and I are headed to Mid Town New York City for a couple of days away from the kids. Lisa will be 40 in October so I decided to push the boat out this year and get her more than just the usual card! Visiting the Big Apple will also give me the opportunity to meet up with Jay for a run in Central Park!

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