Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Miners Run

For those that don't know, the Miners run originated and is still held every Tuesday from 5am onwards, so called because of the need for headlamps as we negotiate the trails of Mcalpine. This morning Anna and Greg joined me for a Friday version. It was in the 60s and I barely needed the t shirt I was sporting.I'm on a 'down week' so only needed 5 miles or so today. I followed this with my weekly session of strides and drills that I am trying to incorporate into my routine. My legs felt good and ready for some hard work tomorrow when I have 18 on the schedule- my longest run in months.

(Recapping my daily run is an attempt at starting to update this more frequently)

I finished work at 2 today and am looking forward to the next few days at home with the family!


  1. Have a very merry Christmas Mainers!

  2. 'twould be swell if you start reporting after every run once again!