Friday, May 25, 2012

A pain in the arse

Howdy folks, I figured an update from the Captain was in order as I emerge from my down time and get ready to launch into my next phase of training- hopefully….

As you know I took a whole blissful week off after Twilight. I still seemed to wake up early every morning but instead of having to groggily lace up and get out of the door I was able to make myself a proper breakfast, play my moves on Words With Friends and spend some time with my kids before I went to work. By the Saturday of course I was itching to get back out there and back out there I have been since then with a week of ‘easy’ running.

The first couple of days felt a bit weird as my legs adjusted to being back out there. Then for a couple of days I felt good; refreshed and eager. By the middle of the week however I just didn’t feel great. My legs felt heavy and achy and it was a chore to get out the door and run. I didn’t know what was going on. I soon realized the source of my problems though, hence the title of the post. It appears the glute issue I have been fighting and largely keeping under control on my right side has made its way over to my left side so it looks like the first few weeks of my new training phase I’ll be preoccupied with keeping on top of this and hopefully it won’t impact me too much. I felt good on my run this morning so am in a better mood than I was yesterday!

Tomorrow I am going to exert myself fully for the first time since Twilight. There’s a 5k in my local park and I rarely pass the opportunity up to run from my house, strap the flats on, get a good workout in and jog home after. Ben has alerted me that some of his all-conquering High School track team will be out there throwing down an end of season blow out so it should be fun mixing it up with the youngsters

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