Monday, May 14, 2012

A weekend of contrasting emotions

After Man City beat Newcastle last week leaving themselves just needing to beat a very poor QPR side on the last day of the season I decided that I wouldn’t even bother watching the final games yesterday as it was a foregone conclusion that they would win and clinch the championship. A few days later and the curious side of me had negotiated a deal with the pragmatic side of me that I could at least watch the games until Man City went 2 goals ahead and then I would switch off and do something else. How I wish I had listened to my pragmatic side now! The two goal lead never came, so I watched every single minute up to the agonizing inevitable injury time goals City scored to clinch the League title. As their winner went in I was sick to my stomach and in a complete daze, stunned that we had come so close only to have it grabbed away from us at the last. It being Mothers Day I realized that I couldn’t let this spoil Lisa and the kids’ days so I immediately got out in the yard and cut the grass so that I could focus on something else and not take my bad mood out on them. And with a heavy dose of irony the heavens opened just as I was finishing up, soaking me to the bones. Not a great day!

The weekend had started off pretty well with a solid showing at the Twilight 5k. I ran 16:18 to come 5th behind Bert, some kid I didn’t know, Greg (who had pipped me at Skyline but well and truly crushed me at this race- fit alert!) and just behind Brad who I had just pipped myself at the last GP race. As I hauled my tired body over the finish line I slumped down on the floor and lay in a heap for a while, completely spent and already looking forward to my training break! Since the race I haven’t run a step and don’t plan too until the weekend. My body and mind need the rest and I’ll be ready to attack my training with vigor when I start back up again next week.

Saturday and my weekend got better as Lisa and I were able to drop the kids off at a neighbor’s house in the afternoon for a sleepover and we were able to go out for the night and celebrate our 13 year anniversary together. After a nice long lie in and breakfast at our hotel on Sunday morning, it was time to head home and turn the football on……

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