Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evening runner

So as I alluded to in my previous post, my legs have been feeling ready the last couple of days to go for a spin. I decided today that if all felt okay during the day at work I would head out for a few miles when I got home, so I did. With the gradually extending daylight hours and a beautiful, Carolina day in place it was the perfect opportunity to head into the park and do my 'trial run' on the softer surface that Mcalpine provides.

My plan for a quiet solo run that I could easily bail on without anyone knowing if required was scuppered almost immediately as I ran into Aaron within moments of entering the park! Thoroughly enjoyed catching up and the company so can't complain! We also ran into a fast group of Matena, Mitchell, Willis, Brinkley and others warming down from a workout- lesson being if you want to train 'under the radar' don't go to Mcalpine on a beautiful sunny evening!

I ended up doing a 30 minutes out and back route and the legs felt the most 'solid' they've been in recent memory, no pain of any note afterwards.

As the daylight hours lengthen I may become more of an evening runner for a while as my old legs seem to feel better after a day of walking around at work than first thing in the morning.

Going to take today off and then run again tomorrow after work

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