Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting there

My legs seem to be coming round. I ran another couple of 5 mile runs Sunday, Monday and pushed it out to almost an hour today when I met up with the Charlotte Running Club guys for early acres in Mcalpine. We met at 5.30 and there were 15 of us! Unbelievable! Most had headlamps so I could actually see in Mcalpine for once. It was amusing seeing all the bobbing headlamps as we pushed through the woods. I just hung out at the back of the peloton running about 7:20 pace while the gazelles lit it up up front.

I'll probably hit around 40 miles this week (taking Thursday off) and will aim to run 6 days next week too. Once I get through that it may be time to start ramping it up again, we'll see.

Saturday afternoon I popped into the store to give Jay some thank you beers and bumped into Jordan who won the Thunder Road marathon. Was nice to meet him as I didn't get chance to on the day of the race! I'm sure he won't mind me advertizing his blog here....OK Runner

Another blog I want to point out is this Max performance running

Should be some good articles and discussions stemming from this....

Lastly I'll post the link to my photos from Thunder Road pics

If I take a loan out I may purchase one or two...

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  1. Paul, thanks for the "shout out" and link on your blog. Good to hear you are back cruising around McAlpine, sounds like your regeneration break is going well!