Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ah well, I was hoping that this post would be me previewing today's 4 mile race, ready to start rolling and be back competing again further up the field. Tuesday I rolled in a tempo workout and was feeling I was pretty much back to fitness and ready to take my training to the next step when bang, my injury curse struck again. I had just completed the workout with Tim and we were running back up to my house when my foot started to feel a little sore. It was a strange pain because it was on the top my foot along the metatarsals and I didn't really think much of it. However, an hour later and I was in pain! I couldn't work out what I had done, but my foot was so sore that I thought I might even have broken something!

Anyhow, a few days later and I'm not able to race today. Very frustrating as I was ready to really put a good race down. The foot is still sore, it appears I have aggravated the tendons along the top of my foot and I've got to wait it out while they get back to normal. Hopefully won't be much more than a couple of weeks out and I can quickly get back up to speed but we'll see. So I am officially out of the running for any of the money,sponsorship, etc. that goes with placing in the GP overall now too, which makes it doubly frustrating.

It was a rough week! My busiest week at work for a long time, not getting back home until after 11 most nights and still have to go in this weekend at some point. Looking forward to spending some time with the fam this weekend though as I feel I've hardly seen them at all this week!

Been enjoying the Tour though, some very interesting dynamics in Team Astana going on with Lance having a good first week but Contador showing yesterday that he's the best rider on the team. My prediction is that Contador will pull further clear of Lance either today or later on in the mountains and Lance will be happy to play the team support role (or so he will say!!)

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