Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another good week

Hello again. Have taken a bit of a 'down week' this week but the two workouts I have done have been pleasing. Monday I took completely off, Tuesday I ran 11 easy while Pete was doing his workout, Thursday I ran 8 with folks from the Dowd, Friday was an easy 7

Workout 1 was on Wednesday am. I decided to spice up my usual 6 mile tempo by running 4 miles a bit harder, recovering for 1 mile and then hitting the last mile hard. The 4 miles went 5.51,50,48,36 and I ran 5.21 for the 6th mile.

Workout 2 was this am. A 5k 'time trial'. I ran 16.41 and felt pretty comfortable. Didn't look at my watch throughout, just ran by 'feel'.

I feel I'm getting to that point where I can start hitting the more taxing workouts again so after next week's 4 mile race I think I'll start hitting the old track again and start cranking those oxygen debt workouts again!

An easy 8 tomorrow to complete a 50 mile week and then back up into the 60s next week, including highly anticipated runs on Monday and Tuesday with Tim down from Cleveland!

Running, as usual, is providing a welcome respite from work at the moment. The pressure's on there as we report our year end numbers this week, so the hours have been long and will be all next week.

Other than that am excited to see the Tour start today. Lance and his Astana team mates had solid rides today although I don't know the final results yet.

Man U have made a couple of signings. Valencia from Wigan who by all accounts will be a welcome addition to the right side of our attack and then another one of Fergie's intriguing signings, Owen from Newcastle. Despite other peoples' reservations and claims that it seems a bit of a desperate move from Fergie having been spurned by all his other high profile targets I just have a funny gut feeling about this one that Owen will be a success and it could even pave his way back into the England set up in time for South Africa next Summer. We'll see.

Anyway, time to sign off, crack open a beer and toast July 4th- if you can't beat them, join them!

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  1. Good to see another solid week from you Captain!