Saturday, July 18, 2009

Still sore

Not much progress on the toes to report. Still unable to run. Tested the waters last night, mainly because I got off work early, the family are away and I was bored, but could tell straight away that it was a no go. So got on my bike instead and got a sweat on for the first time in while. Rode again this morning, better than nothing I guess.

Still, even if I had been fit I doubt I would have run much this week. Work was crazy, pretty much 16 hour days until Friday! I should be done with the stupid hours now and am certainly going to enjoy a restful weekend!

What a dreadful year I'm having! Since last September it's just been 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I've had hip flexor, plantar, calf and now freaking toe issues, it's making me wonder why I'm so injury prone. Is it my shoes? I've always presumed a neutral shoe is the one for me with my high arches and up on the toes style. I should probably get my gait analysed for once! Maybe this afternoon- I'm going to the store to get some new shoes

This latest setback has made me think about what I can do to salvage this year. Originally I was going to try and get a fast 5k in before September and then jump in to a Fall marathon but this has put that out of the window! So here it is, the last chance for this season will be to pr at Thunder Road in December. Presuming I can start running again the next couple of weeks (no guarantee of that!) I will still have 4 months to get in shape for that. Not at all in my plans originally but needs must and this is something I can set my sights on


  1. Captain... fix the toes, the 'plans' will then take care of themselves. Sorry to hear they still are not cooperating. Rest up... your toes and from work.

  2. yeah it seems i can't even bike, the toes are hurting more since i did that. picked up some sweet shoes though- adistar ride

  3. I bet your busy schedule has a lot to do with it. Last spring I was just crazy busy and exhausted and my running really suffered. Maybe you need a vacation! :)