Sunday, June 28, 2009


That was my mileage in the end for this week after my workout yesterday and my long run today. A very satisfying week. Two decent workouts and nearly two hours on my feet today. This morning headed out to the Whitewater Center to run for the first time. Once over the mild contempt for having to pay five bucks in order to park I hit the trails on my own for 35 minutes while I waited for the other guys to show up, then did another 1 hour 20 when they turned up. Thoroughly enjoyed the run, the trails are excellent, really nice to work different muscles and systems and good to run with a bunch of other people- no way would I have run that amount of time on my own! It's funny though, there were eight or nine of us but because the trails are generally single track we were all running single file, so 'group conversation' is difficult! At one point as we were climbing a section with switchback turns every twenty yards or so it looked like we were the peloton making our way up Alpe D'Huez! Oh and we saw a f@cking big snake!

So the last 4 weeks have built from 40 to 50 to 55 to 65 miles. The week ahead I'm looking to cut back a little and consolidate my recent gains. So a light mileage week ahead but keeping the quality- tempo on Wednesday, 5k time trial planned next Sat

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