Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I am unfit

Checked my training log. Since October I have run an average 28 miles per week- that's effectively three runs a week.

Today I headed out to run 6 nice and easy followed by two fast miles. I went through 6 miles in 7-7.30 pace and then hit 6.14,5.59 but it was a much harder effort than it should have been. My hip flexor is very stiff when i wake up in the morning and this is definitely impacting my running as the muscles around there aren't firing properly. Something for me to keep an eye on. I'm trying to get into the routine every night of doing a wide range of stretches so hopefully i will get the benefits of that showing through soon

I have the day off work tomorrow which will be nice. We were meant to be going to Emily's first Field Day but that may now be put back to Monday because of the forecast rain

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