Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am an absolute master of it when it comes to running sometimes. Tired from yesterday's efforts and a busy day I didn't want to get up early this morning to run and we had a trip to the Zoo planned so needed to get going pretty early. So I was going to head out of the door and 8 and squeeze something in before we went but the legs didn't feel all that great and I was STARVING. So took the shoes off, heated up some left over pizza (I have the diet of a champion at the weekend let me tell you) and decided I would run after we got back from the zoo. So nine hours later, after three hours in the car, 6 hours melting in the Colombian heat and the usual day trip fare of burgers, fries and ice cream I headed out for my last run of the week. Eschewing the planned workout, I decided to swap Sunday and Monday around and ran a nice and easy 5.5. Still hit my planned 50 for the week and gave the legs an extra day to recover from Saturday's efforts, so hopefully I will wake up ready to hit my workout in the morning

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