Wednesday, June 17, 2009


did a repeat of last Thursday's tempo workout adding on 4 * 1 minute on/off at the end. Legs were pretty unresponsive today and it was a bit of a slog to be honest. was about 30 seconds slower than last week but the effort was solid and after hard runs Thursday, Saturday and Monday the slow down wasn't unexpected. Will take it easy now till Saturday. Lying in tomorrow will run after work and then probably take Friday off. Still plan to hit 55 miles for the week so that will dictate how long my Sunday run is!


  1. Given the heat & humidity lately, the slower pace is to be expected. In these conditions effort (vs. dictated pace) becomes a critical factor when evaluating workouts.

    You just have to be an honest judge of that overall effort... :-)

    Nice work this week.

  2. exactly Nathan. I don't even look at my watch for these workouts apart from at the mile markers and even then the time I see doesn't dictate how much effort I put in the next section. only in races or planned time trials/workouts will a dictated pace be used as a factor in evaluating workouts