Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where did that come from?!

Headed out the door at 5 this morning so I could get my 12 in before the kids woke up and Lisa could have a lie in. Certain amount of trepidation as haven't run over an hour for what seems like months! First mile passed in 7.30 and I figured I would just run nice and easy for an hour and then maybe pick it up if I was feeling good.

Well the second mile was 37 seconds faster than the first and it appeared I was beginning to roll a little early. Mile 3 6.30, 4 6.24, 5 6.21. I was feeling nice and easy though so just went with it. I was at the stage now where I would have been pissed off if I started running 7 minute miles again so the dynamics of the run had now changed! Mile 6 6.17, then 6.09, 6.04, 6.10, 6.13. From mile 8 onwards it was becoming a bit of a struggle and my turnover decreased and I was having to push harder. Mile 11 was a struggle in 6.25 but I finished strong with a 6.07. I was pretty spent afterwards but I'm taking all the positives from this run. I felt pretty comfortable throughout despite the fast pace. Now we'll see how that impacts my workout tomorrow and my runs in the days ahead!

Got home at 6.30 thinking I had about half an hour before peace would be disturbed but of course Sophie woke up immediately and my day began! Busy busy today. Discovery Place this morning, yard work and grill out this afternoon, possibly the zoo tomorrow

Total 12 miles in just over 1:17, 6.25 average pace

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