Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Apologies for the inevitable title but yes I ran 9 miles today. Did my weekly run with my first ever 'pupil' Pete where I run 4 miles then meet Pete and jog to the track and help him through his workout. Today I had prescribed for him 5*1000 with 400 jog recoveries. I thought it would be a useful guide to what he may be capable of running at the Summer Breeze 5k next week. The workout went well and he ran 4:20s on average. He's got his long run up to 11 miles as of last week too, so I am excited to see him race next week!

While Pete does his 400 jogs I fit in a couple of 100m strides while I am waiting so it works out quite well!

It was ridiculously humid this morning however and no sign of any let up for the next few days. Will make my planned workout tomorrow am interesting to say the least. This will actually be my first proper workout for a while other than the races I have been doing! And luckily it will be under 10 miles so the title trend can end.

Oh and hi to my new 'follower', Richard. That's three readers then...


  1. I'm not a follower but you know I read your blog... Good to see you're progressing so well.

  2. Thanks Tim, I'm an avid reader of your's- was gutted to hear about the knee....