Friday, June 26, 2009


Long time no post! Figured my daily posts were getting increasingly boring so to spare you all that I'll just update this every now and then

So it's been a fairly decent week of training so far. My calves were very sore Saturday after the race so when i got up on Sunday I initially thought a long run was a no go, but with the family out of town I got in the car anyway and drove up to Latta Plantation to meet up with Jay, Keith, Jocelyn and a few other guys to run the trails there. Legs were fine but the Company and new trails certainly helped. Was good to hit up a new route and enjoyed running on proper trails for a change. I'll never be a trail runner though. I find myself spending most of my time looking at my feet making sure I don't trip. Did manage to fall once still! Ran for just under an hour and a half so called it 12 miles which made it the planned 55 for the week

Monday and Tuesday legs were still very sore so kept it nice and slow. Wednesday I felt recovered at last on my run with Jay and Caitlin from the Dowd and got over 10 in. Nice to run with others. I'm typically a bit of a loner when it comes to training but I'm trying to commit to meeting up with folks at least a couple of times a week. Certainly makes the 'daily grind' easier to face and keeps the motivation up. Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to get some solid miles in so the more company the better!

Thursday I felt ready for a workout again so I hit ten miles with 6 in the middle that came in at 34.40 which was pleasing and a bit of a confidence booster and today I just took it nice and easy again for 6. Fartlek planned tomorrow and then meeting up with folks again on Sunday to run at the Whitewater Center for the first time which should be fun.

Training seems to be coming round, long may it continue....

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