Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nice and hard

Well first the positives. I came third, was never passed in the race and felt I ran pretty solid- my splits were pretty consistent. The weather was frankly awful. when you wake up at 6 and it is already 73 degrees with dew point of 71 you know it's going to be rough! No excuses of course- I mean it's June, in Charlotte, what else do you expect, but talking to other runners afterwards and looking at some of the results, I think my 17 minute time was a lot closer to the 16:30 shape I thought I was in before the race (if that makes sense!!)

So onwards and upwards. Already got my next few weeks mapped out and am excited about seeing improvements over the next couple of months- at least I can't get any slower can I?

Girls have been away since Wednesday so I'm looking forward to their return tomorrow. Only problem is I've got to get out and mow the yard and that's not an enticing prospect in this weather! Hoping to take advantage of my temporary 'bachelor status' for one last time tomorrow, heading out to Latta Park for the first time for my long run with some other folks. Also going to take in my first Charlotte Eagles game tonight. Will be interesting to see what the standard is like

Post Script. Couldn't be bothered to go to the game in the end- will take Emily next week. And didn't mention earlier, Pete ran 22.14 for a pr. We thought 22 was definitely doable and 21.40 at a stretch so in the conditions it was a great effort!

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