Saturday, April 23, 2011

Museum Mile

The backdrop

Today I ran in the Museum Mile, a reintroduced version of a point to point mile race down the main street of downtown Charlotte. It was a fun, novel event and I wanted to lay down a good time so I had definitely eased back a bit on the training the past few days so that I could maximise my chances of racing well today. I did a solid workout on Tuesday but other than that the week had been easy running and strides. I was hoping to run somewhere in the 4:30-4:40 range.

The outcome

4:42. 7th place overall, 1st in Age (keeping my unbeaten age group run intact). I was pretty pleased with that. The course actually started uphill (quite ironic when Tryon Street is probably one of the flattest roads in Charlotte!)in order that the race could finish right outside one of the museums. The race director said after the event that for next year's race they will eliminate that hill from the course by moving the finish line back a little- why that wasn't done this year I'll never know.

Anyway that hill made for a nasty little uphill sprint at the start as everyone jockeyed for position. So after 200 meters I was already pretty tapped and panting heavily! The lead group of 6 had separated itself and I led the chasers. I can't really remember much more about the race after that! I suffered throughout but held my position and it was over so fast that it didn't really matter! CRC had set up a cheering section halfway along the course which was highly appreciated and I also had fun hanging out with friends for the awards after the race. The girls had come to watch so it was nice having them there too.

I hope the race was successful for the organizers. It is a welcome addition to the Charlotte racing scene and will hopefully establish itself over the next few years and attract fast fields. It was won today in 4:23 which is a pretty legit time!

So all in all a decent enough race for me and looking forward to returning to my comfort zone next week at the Skyline 5k, one of the faster 5ks on the Grand Prix calendar. At least after the race today next week's first mile should feel pretty comfortable!!


Side note 1

I wore new flats for today's race and new shoes for the warm up and down and love them both!! Saucony Grid Type A4 flats (all 6.4 oz of them) and the new NB 890. In fact my first impressions of the 890 is that it could turn out to be the best shoe I've ever worn!

Side note 2

Congrats to buddy Kevin on his first ever race win at the Bunny 5k in Concord today in a new PR to boot. Great job!!


  1. Well done! That is a little weird to be running a time trial and have the run start with a tough hill. Sounds like a fun event, though. I wish I could have given it a shot; I didn't want to risk it so close to my first-ever marathon.

  2. I won't give up home but spent time on athlinks last night doing rival compares...slowly coming to the realization that unless u run bad or are hurt (non of which I would ever wish on my running buddy) will always consistently be in front of me. All good as there is always a carrot out there for me to try and catch. Interesting on the new shoes. I have never run in either of those brands so will pick your brain in the next run.

  3. thanks for the words Aaron! One of my biggest motivators is knowing you are right there training and racing hard. That's what I love about the racing scene around here, we all might be buddies who run together during the week but on race day it's gloves off and have at it! then share a beer after :-)