Friday, April 1, 2011

Pre Richmond

After last weekend's excitement of being able to run again and watching CRC break the World Record, this week has been uneventful so far. I did a couple of fairly low key workouts Sunday and Tuesday which my legs struggled to get to grips with after those few days off but I remain healthy and feel nicely rested and ready to give this race a good bash on Saturday.

I'm writing this from Lisa's parents' house where we'll be staying until Sunday. They live about 45 minutes from downtown Richmond. We drove up yesterday and I went and got my race number and checked out where I plan to park on Saturday morning. I did this as the event is huge! This will be by far the biggest race I have ever been in. Last year this was the 22nd biggest race in the WORLD and this year they are trying to crack the top 20. Around 45,000 runners will be toeing the line! I'm in the first seeded wave. By the time I finish there will still be people who haven't started yet...

I'm hoping that I can get as near the front of my corral as possible so that I'm not held up in the crowds but we'll see. Once we get started it should be like no other race I have run, with big crowds lining the whole route and bands playing the whole time. The route is literally an out and back on Monument Avenue which I ran a couple of miles on during my last visit here for the marathon. Pancake flat and hopefully fast!

What to expect time wise? Pre calf scare, a PR attempt certainly looked on the cards. The few days off last week won't have helped but I'm certainly going out there with the intention of attacking my best ever 10k time. I've gotten myself pretty fit this cycle. It would be a shame to waste it....

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