Monday, March 28, 2011

New World Record!

This past weekend I was proud to witness history unfolding as I watched many of my friends, new friends and teammates churn out lap after lap around the PDS oval in pursuit of the 100*5k world record. It all started at 6am on Saturday morning as Ben Hovis launched the assault with a 16:04. Just over 30 hours later and the record was in the bag. Average pace? 5:58 per mile/18:34 per 5k. Not bad for 100 different runners all from the same city right?

Fastest was in form speedster Johnny Compton who powered around the track in 15:12 while 14 year old phenom Alana Hadley skipped over the puddles in the Ladies' fastest time of 17:08. There were many other notable performances and it would be unfair to single any others out as I would forget other equally notable performances if I did so. Not one person was late for their run even throughout the night when the weather was at its most merciless. I was watching/timing/lap counting between 10 and 3 am and the rain and chill was unrelenting.

The best part of the whole event for me was meeting new people whose names I had seen before but now had a face to place next to them. The old Facebook friend confirmer button has been going into overdrive since Sunday afternoon! It was a joy to spend so much time with a bunch of people all sharing the same passion.

Go CRC! I hope I can represent well this weekend when I return to Richmond for the 10k!!


  1. Thanks again for calling splits for me around 2am and helping me make my way to a 20+ second PR and run 30 seconds faster than my predicted time (and over a minute faster than my initial predicted time).

    Proud of club and everyone who put in the hours on and off the track to get this done!


  2. that was an awesome run you laid down- happy to 'help'!