Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dodged a bullet?

I really thought my stupidity last week had blown my Richmond chances, but after 4 days of complete rest and TLC on the calf I felt confident enough to give it a test run on Thursday. 2 uneventful, cautious miles later and I was hopeful that the worst of the injury was behind me, a hope that was all but confirmed on Friday when I ran 4 more incident free miles.

A note to Coach was sent and I was told to try 60-80 minutes on Saturday. If that went well we would come up with a revised run-in to the race next week. I am now in relieved possession of that schedule after a solid ten miler this morning. Phew!

My run this morning was early- on my way to watch the first couple of hours of the Charlotte Running Club's 100 by 5k relay record attempt. Good luck everyone!!

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