Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy to PR and just about to head out for 4 more miles of pain! Here's a quick race recap from my training log before I do the 4 miler!

Right calf was a little sore before the race so was a little concerned but could tell in the warm up that it wasn't going to be a factor and felt pretty good doing my strides etc. while we waited around to start.

About 25 of us toed the line so it was chaos at the first corner. I was trying to get to the kerb and out of trouble as soon as possible but spent most of lap 1 in lane 3 and lap 2 in lane 2!

Race settled down a bit on the third lap and I found myself in 5th place at the front of a big bunch with the top 4 strung out ahead. Happy to see the clock reading 3:04 at the k and 4:55 at the mile as I was feeling pretty comfortable.

Reeled in 4th place pretty quickly. Any time someone from behind would pull alongside me I would try and relax and hold them off- I guess I prefer just running on my own than sitting on someone!

Went through 3k in 9:18 and knew a PR was on the cards as long as I didn't screw it up in the last 5 laps!

I was definitely starting to work a bit harder now. One guy went pretty smoothly past me but I overtook someone else falling back to stay in 4th. As I hit 800 to go I worked out as long as I went under 2:36 I would get the pr. I was fighting it now but held off the guys behind and closed in about 70 I think.

Very happy to get a pr. If I ran a couple more of these I think I could go faster in the right race but I'll probably just stick to the roads again for a while!

Warmed down with a BW guy who knew Tim trying to flush out some crap before toeing the line at Shamrock 10 hours later!

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  1. Paul, nice recap and congrads on the PR

  2. Awesome! Great to see all of your hard work paying off!