Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get Your Rear In Gear 5k

Time: 16:16
Position: 1
Assessment: Adequate

So I had a decent enough run on Saturday. My main goal was to win and I achieved that. I would like to have been a bit faster (seeing as I hope to go faster than that pace for a 10k in less than a month!) but as I ran the race on my own and the second mile was very tough I need to put the time in perspective.

The day started with Lisa dropping me off three miles from the start line so I could warm up while she went ahead and parked. The girls were both running in the Fun Run so I was able to watch that before my race. A few strides and mutual good lucks with Aaron and we were off. Having scoped the start line for any other potential rivals and not seen any that I knew, I soon locked in side by side with Aaron. Up front, my new friend from Friday lunches at the Burger Company and fellow non-American, Bjorn 'Storming' Norman, had taken it out at a very rapid rate.

We turned on to 4th which was a long downhill and soon pulled alongside Bjorn. I had been expecting Aaron to go tearing off down this hill with me hanging on for dear life but I actually found myself pulling away from Aaron, early signs that maybe he wasn't going to have one of his better days.

After about half a mile of this downhill we turned on to Kings and began the long climb that would take us through the best part of mile 2. My Garmin beeped at 4:56 at the mile mark which was fast but not unexpected when considering the course layout. I passed Caitlin who was out watching and taking pics and continued grinding up the hill, happy in the knowledge that once this was out of the way it was a pretty flat run in to the finish.

I passed Thomas on the bridge back over Independence and hit the second mile in 5:26 (!). Thomas had said that I had about a 60 yard gap so I just kept up a hard pace during the third mile pretty safe in the knowledge that the victory was mine unless I fell apart. After a third mile of 5:16 and a 38 second sprint down into the finish area, I crossed the line in 16:16. Aaron followed 26 seconds behind. We quickly shook hands before he headed straight off a la Spada to Mcalpine where he was due to do a workout with one of his runners! Bjorn easily clung on for third place and was very happy with his time. I chatted briefly with Theoden and a few other guys I knew and waited for the awards ceremony. I was invited on stage to receive mine which was a free pair of shoes from Omega Sports (I picked up a sweet pair of Brooks Defyance today).

I had decided I would run home from the race to make it 14 for the day and mean I only need do 5 today to meet my mileage goal for this 'down' week so with pretty sore legs I headed home and it was actually a pretty decent run.

Later on that evening I made the most of a rare 'Hall Pass' and met up with a bunch of guys at Taco Mac for beers, wings and nachos- diet of champions! Aaron bought me the Guinness he owed me after the race and a good time was had by all, especially my Tarheel fan friends!

Today I enjoyed a much needed lie in before watching a dreadful performance from Man U against Liverpool. It was raining heavily outside and was one of those days you just wanted to stay in, so we did! At about 1pm I decided to head out for my quick run. Got drenched but legs felt okay and ready to hit another 75 mile week this week...


  1. Love the post including, yet not limited to: the lie in, the win and the reference...congrats Mate!

  2. knew you'd like the lie in reference Steve!

  3. Enjoyed the recap. Sub 16 is right around the corner.

  4. good stuff Paul!!! See ya soon mate!