Friday, April 8, 2011

Trimming the fat

Coach Tim paid another welcome visit to the QC this week. We met up after work last night (for a run, obviously) and during our hour in Mcalpine discussed the usual topics. We dissected my 5k success and 10k mishaps, talked about his own running since coming back from knee surgery and also threw some ideas around about how we saw the rest of our years shaping up.

In a nutshell I’m pretty much set on focusing on a good Half in the Fall, maybe Thunder Road, maybe back to Richmond again, maybe somewhere new. I haven’t done a Half for a couple of years so it will be good to train for one again. Over the Summer I’ll probably just keep ticking over, jumping in all the GP events and any other races that catch my eye, essentially getting back to enjoying my running again without focusing on one particular race. There’ll be less rigidity in my schedule and here’s the fun part, more quality and less quantity! The plan is to eliminate a lot of the ‘junk’ miles and longer runs and throw in more workouts. So instead of heading out for 15 miles on a Sunday in the drudgery of the Charlotte heat I’ll more likely be heading to the Oval to knock out some swift quarters!

Obviously I’ll still be keeping the mileage relatively high and doing the longer aerobic stuff too, just reducing the emphasis on it. Hopefully my legs will respond and I’ll start to feel faster again. Training for the Marathon last Fall and then maintaining pretty heavy mileage through the Winter has had my legs feeling pretty beaten up and tired for the majority of the time the past few months so it would be nice if I could have a fresher feel on a regular basis over the Summer.

With that in mind I have already done 2 workouts since the 10k- a 8*175m, 5k Tempo, 8*175m on Wednesday with Billy and Will and this morning Tim and I knocked out 3 sets of 5 300s at PDS. More track work on the slate for Sunday!

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