Monday, February 6, 2012

The week after Winter Classic

This is how my week after the 8k played out…

Sunday- 4 miles solo (7:00 pace) in the evening once Lisa had got back from VA

Monday- 9 miles in the evening with Coach at Mcalpine (7:17 pace). It was great to have Tim in town for some runs this week!

Tuesday- 10*1k with 200m recovery on the track (averaged 3:19-20 per rep). Was pleased how this went considering the short turn around after the race. Very grateful for Tim and Brad’s help throughout though!!

Wednesday- 6.4 mile recovery run on the trails (7:13 pace)

Thursday- 18 mile long run. Got up very early, ran 4 miles solo, picked up Tim for the next 5 and finished off with the Dowd group. Average pace was 7:19 and felt pretty decent. Longest remaining run before Myrtle out of the way

Friday- My usual Friday am drills and strides before 8 miles with the Friday Miners at Mcalpine (7:27 pace)

Saturday- Cut down workout of 4 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile, 1 mile with half a mile jog between each. Goal paces were 23:00, 10:40, 5:10, 5:00 and I hit 22:54, 10:39, 5:11, 5:06. Did this on my own in the park in the cold and rain. Last mile was at the track. Another solid workout and confidence remains high heading into Myrtle

Total mileage- 70

Sunday I took off and this morning I ran an easy 5.35 at 7:00 pace and felt good. I have an 8 mile tempo plus 1 fast mile planned for Wednesday am and Cupids Cup 5k on Saturday. I will be taking Thursday off and my long run will be 14 on Sunday. Just hoping I can hold all this together for a couple more weeks and be ready to roll at Myrtle

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