Thursday, February 18, 2010


That pretty much sums up how I feel right now. Not just in the legs but in general. For the last three mornings I have been on the roads by 5am and it is taking its toll! Of course staying up to watch the Olympics does not help. I am determined tonight to forego the excitement of curling or figure skating or whatever sport that I would never ever normally watch but have been because it is ‘the Olympics’ in order to hit the sack early. I ‘only’ have to meet with Jay and Caitlin at 6.15 for tomorrow’s acres so that will be a positive lie in for me!

I have also picked up a cold but luckily at the moment it is just snivels/cough/sore throat and all above the neck so hopefully will shake that off quickly

Sunday’s run was as much fun as anticipated! 20 of Charlotte’s fastest runners were dropping sub 7 minute miles all over Charlotte on what was a beautiful, if cold, morning. We ran over the Corporate Cup Half course just to confirm what a brute it is going to be!

Following Sunday’s 18 I had a workout Monday and Tuesday and 16 today as I have to get my long run in early this week as I am on babysitting duty from tomorrow afternoon through Sunday evening and apart from the race on Saturday morning will not be running. For Emily’s 7th birthday Lisa is taking her and some friends to Atlanta where they are going to pamper themselves and their ‘American Girl’ dolls while I look after Sophie. Don’t know how I managed to wangle my way out of that one!

So after tomorrow’s 6 planned I will have 80 miles in the bank for the past 7 days as I head into Saturday’s race- not my usual taper!! It could be messy…

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