Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend update

So three of the days in this little block are out of the way. A workout, long run and 41 more miles in the bank. Saturday's workout went great and was a good confidence booster. The only drawback was that I wore a pretty old pair of flats for the whole 15 miles and my legs got beaten up a bit more than I would have liked- those shoes have since joined the 'discard' pile.

That made Sunday's run a bit harder than I would have liked. We did a road loop and finished off with 4 miles on the track but my legs weren't feeling like pushing it anything much below the 7 minute pace we had maintained for the road loop. We had a great little group of us in the end for this run which certainly made the 18 miles go past faster- all the result of a bit of Saturday Facebook status updating!

My right hip flexor was actually getting a bit sore by the end of this run and I could certainly tell I had run 33 miles in 24 hours. I have been trying to strengthen and stretch this area religiously for the past few weeks as it occasionally gets a bit sore around there and generally after a good bit of massage and stretching it feels fine. Just something to keep on top of.

I was still feeling pretty tired when I hit the sack last night and the prospect of a 5:30 alarm call to get today's acres in was not exactly enticing. After a pretty good (for me) night's sleep, I tossed and turned a little this morning trying to come up with other ways I could get today's miles in without hitting the trails immediately. In the end though I sucked it up and just got out there and glad I did baecause after a few miles the legs started to come round again and it ended up being a good recovery run.

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