Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back in the 50s

That goes for both my weekly mileage and the thermometer gauge! Signs of spring at last (we'll soon be moaning about the heat) and a corresponding spring in my own step after a pretty decent week of training at last.

After a rest day on Wednesday I doubled on Thursday- nine with the Dowd group in the morning and four after work in the cold, miserable rain. This was supposed to be the monthly Trysports team run but the inclement weather left me as the sole representative. On the plus side I was able to pick up some new shoes at the store before the run (Pegasus 29) and have loved running in them so far!

Friday I got some early miles in with Boston bound Brad to make it 18 miles in 24 hours but the legs didn't feel bad at all and I was looking forward to completing my second workout of the week on Saturday. Before that I treated myself to a massage on Friday night where it was noted that my left quad was very tight. I mention this because usually when I get a massage it is my IT bands and glutes that are the problem areas so I was happy to hear that the extra work I've been doing on those areas is apparently paying off.

Saturday I had a 6 mile tempo effort on tap. With the family being out of town for one last night, I was able to sleep in and take full advantage of the suddenly improved weather conditions. When I met Aaron and Matt at 8:30 it was sunny and about 50 degrees with a slight chill in the air. Perfect! After a three mile warm up we launched straight into our respective workouts. Matt and I locked into slightly under 6 minute pace (I was hoping to hit about 35 minutes for the whole run) while Aaron sprinted off into the distance- he was doing 2 miles hard and then jumping in with me once I caught him during his recovery. This ended up being at the 2.75 mile mark. We ran together for the next three miles before Aaron left me in the dust, switching gears while I was stuck at tempo pace pretty much just hanging on for the end! 35:02 with splits of 5:56,55,51,48,48,44.

Fairly happy with it, though it was certainly a hard effort and I was pretty spent at the end again. However, in contrast to last weekend, I seemed to recover a lot quicker. Today's shakeout run was fine and I ended up running a little further than originally planned. Not getting ahead of myself, I'm consciously cutting back a bit this week and am excited to toe the line at a low key 5k next Friday night.

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