Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break

As the kids are on Spring Break, Mom has taken them to stay with her parents for the week. Although it sucks for me not being able to see them for a few days, there are some undeniable plus sides to them being away! Main one being I get to run when I want, where I want.

After Saturday’s hard effort I was able to sleep in on Sunday and do my recovery run a lot later than would have been the case had the family been home. Regardless this run pretty much sucked. I was planning on five miles but after a couple my knee was starting to get a bit sore so I called it in after 4 and walked the rest of the way home. In days past I would have sucked it up and finished the run off but I saw no point in pushing the knee any more than necessary. 42 miles for the week including a workout and a long run with some quality so all in all a good week with just a hint of caution that I need to monitor the knee situation.

Monday I was understandably a bit nervous heading out but my worries proved groundless as I completed a 55 minute jaunt with David and Derrick from the Dowd with no apparent issues. Another point to note for this early morning run was the 60 degrees temperatures which meant that nothing more than a t shirt and shorts were required- signs of Spring at last??

Tuesday I decided was workout day so I headed to the Speed Loop and did 6 * half mile with fellow Trysports ambassador and blogger Bill, Mike and Joe. After last week’s fairly light workout where I managed to hold a 5:10 pace fairly comfortably albeit for short intervals, I decided I should shoot for around 2:35 for the half mile intervals on tap this week. Although the first one was a little slow as we got adjusted to trying to run fast at 6am and my legs still had some residue from Saturday in them, the rest were pretty much on pace and I finished with a 2:33 and feeling like I had worked very hard but hadn’t gone to the well. Baby steps, now I just need to extend the length of time I’m able to run at this pace without taking a rest! Day off Wednesday, back at it tomorrow

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