Thursday, April 18, 2013


I’ve been hesitant to update the blog this week. I’m not eloquent enough to put anything meaningful together about the horrific events at Boston, and giving details about the runs I’ve done this week seems such a selfish endeavour in the grand scheme of things. Who on earth cares about my track workout I did on Tuesday night when all that went on at Boston has happened. Actually it’s made me question my motives for writing this blog in the first place but perhaps that’s an argument for another day.

Suffice to say I was as horrified as everyone else about Monday’s cowardly attacks. I’d spent the morning tracking all my friends and their brave assaults on the famed Boston course. As usual there had been a mixed bag of results but I was proud of everyone of them and jealous not to be out there myself! Then the news started feeding through and I spent the rest of the day just hoping that no one I knew had been caught up in it all- they hadn’t directly but I’m sure there will be some lasting psychological scars to overcome.

The response from the running community has been phenomenal (not unexpected) and I feel proud to be considered part of ‘that community’. All we can hope for now is that the perpetrators will be brought to justice soon and that the people injured during the incident recover as well as possible. Crumbs of comfort to the families of the deceased I know…..

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