Thursday, April 25, 2013

Training update

Since the disappointing race below, training has been solid and thus:-

Sat 4/13- OFF
Sun 4/14- 9 miles steady. Total 35 miles for what was a cutback week

Mon 4/15- 8.5 easy. Horrific events in Boston
Tue 4/16- 4 easy am/7.75 pm including 12*400 off a minute at JCSU (average 72)
Wed 4/17- OFF
Thu 4/18- 7 easy
Fri 4/19- 5 easy. Was expecting to race an evening 5k but it got cancelled because of a forecast storm that never came. I was pissed
Sat 4/20- 10.5 including cross country 5k that I jumped in at the last minute. Repeated performance of previous Friday and lost to someone who had run 2:45 at Boston just five days prior. Hanging up the racing shoes until feel fit enough to compete to an adequate level
Sun 4/21- 9 easy. Total 52 miles for the week


Mon 4/22- 8.2 easy am/2.67 very easy pm- helping out with Try Sports ‘Run For Boston’ event
Tue 4/23- 8 including 4*800/400 off 1 minute/3 minute. Did on roads. Half miles were 2:33 down to 2:26, quarters were 72/73. Felt some wheels under me at last, good crew helped
Wed 4/24- 7.4 easy
Thu 4/25- 15.4 ‘long’. Longest run since October and felt good

So other than the race (which confirmed that I am indeed in 17 low shape right now and that the previous race was not an aberration) training has started to get solid. As noted above, Tim sent me some new schedules to follow. These were received with the usual enthusiasm and it’s good to have some structure and method back in my training. No real goals for now, just to try and get back into decent 5k shape. I received news last week that I am being sent to Sydney in July by work for a few weeks so that will create a natural end to this training block. I will target a couple of good race performances before I head to the other side of the world. Sydney will provide a fantastic training environment in its own right (I’ve been before) but I will be working long hours and living on the Company dollar (read eating and drinking more than usual!) so the goal there will be to just get in as much solid training in as I can so that I can kick on again when I get back to the US in August.


  1. at least Team Europe took 1st and 2nd!

    1. very true Bjorn. I will make sure to fly the flag for you here now you are back across the pond