Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to the grind

Today I did my second harder workout of the week and longest run in quite some time. With some solid easy miles on the days in between and a recovery run tomorrow that will take me over 40 miles for the week, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back into the old routine and am looking forward to the process of getting into shape again.

Both workouts this week have been satisfactory in their outcomes but also reminders of the work I'm going to need to put in to get back to competitive race shape again.

Wednesday's 400s and 800s I was pleased I was able to show some decent low 5 minute pace turnover but had to work pretty hard to maintain it for the half miles!

Today a group of us ran the notorious Racefest Half course with its numerous nasty hills on the back half. I ran the first 6 miles of the loop with the group at a good sub 7 minute clip, then when we hit the lowest point of the course David Willis and I took off to run the last 7 at a hard effort up all the hills. At mile 10 David dropped me and Charlie had caught up with me so I ran the rest of the loop in with him. The average pace for these 7 miles was 6:18 and I was pretty much spent at the end!

Solid enough though and the knee was also very cooperative today, in fact it seems to give me more trouble on my slower paced runs than when I am pushing the pace a bit.

After 5 days running the last couple of weeks I am planning to get 7 runs in next week and get back up to the 50 mile range again

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