Thursday, March 21, 2013

A great trip home!

Since my last update a week ago I have been back and forth across the pond, had some good and bad runs, and am generally feeling better about myself and my next few weeks of running!

Thursday I took off work as I was flying out of Charlotte in the afternoon so I was able to sleep in and take the kids to school before I headed out for my run in Mcalpine. This ended up being 6 miles, felt pretty rough for the first half but legs had come round by the end. On Friday I was knackered from the overnight flight but wanted to get something in so headed out for 30 minutes on some old loops from my parent’s house. This run truly sucked as my knee and groin were achey and I generally just felt like crap, but my Dad did keep me company on his bike so that was cool. Saturday and Sunday were in a similar vein, I got the miles I wanted in but didn’t feel all that great (admittedly Sunday’s effort was always going to suck after imbibing a few warm ales the night before catching up with a couple of old friends). So I actually ended up at around 30 miles for the week, which I hadn’t seen in a long time!

Monday I spent all day travelling so had a planned a day off anyway. Other than the not so good running I had a great mini break in England. My brother brought his kids to stay the weekend so it was great to spend time with my nieces and my Mum is currently undergoing another round of chemo so having her two boys in the house all weekend was a good boost for her. Planning on taking the whole family over in the summer, just not quite sure how I’m going to pay for us all!

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