Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saturday double

I got to Blowing Rock mid Saturday afternoon. We were staying with a couple of other families at our neighbors’ parents’ mountain retreat which in a word was stunning, built into a hillside overlooking Grandfather Mountain. Knowing that the evening ahead was going to involve plenty of nice food and alcohol and that the weather forecast for Sunday was miserable, I decided to do Sunday’s planned run on Saturday afternoon instead. I hit up a horse path that started virtually outside the house and got 4 recovery miles in. My legs were sore but the surface was soft and the pace was very slow so I think I made the right choice- I certainly thought so when I woke up Sunday morning with a hangover and it was sleeting and foggy outside!

So that was 37 miles for the week on five days (six runs) and a little bit of ‘quality’ thrown in too, which was the goal I had for the week starting out.

This week I’m aiming to get in the low 40s on five days of running with a light workout tomorrow and a longer run on Saturday. After taking another day off yesterday I ran with some buddies in Mcalpine this morning and got about 8 slow enjoyable miles in. I’m still feeling a very slight stiffness in the right knee and wish the temperature would hurry up and climb out of the low 30s when I’m running soon because I’m sure that would help some!!

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