Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to Blighty

VERY excited. Running into work in the am, few hours wrapping stuff up and then the girls pick me up and we're off to the airport and our trip to England! Just finished packing and you'll be glad to know I managed to take up one (small) suitcase exclusively with my running gear. Two pairs of shoes, long sleeves, shorts, tights (got to cover all the bases as the weather is so unpredictable in England!)

Most exciting part of the trip though will be Monday when Lisa and I leave the kids with Mum and Dad and head to Paris for a couple of days!

Three runs to catch up on since Sunday. Monday I decided to have a lie in and run at lunch time which rarely works out and so it proved again! I was meant to run for 45 minutes but 4 miles in my stomach was cramping so badly I had to limp back to the office to 'relieve it'.

Tuesday saw a double with a shake out am 5 miles 'Miners Run' with a stellar crew.Steve and I started our own book club with me handing off a Coe and Ovett book in return for Steve Scott 'The Miler' which I am looking forward to getting into next week! Then after work I headed into Mcalpine knowing I wanted to do something hard but not sure what. On the fly I did 9 miles including 5 miles 'tempo' which ended up feeling much harder work than it should have.

Legs felt tired again this morning when I did 8 miles including 8 * strides. Not sure why I feel tired, I should be pretty fresh having not trained much lately! Oh well!

Until the next time when I provide a catch up from England!.....


  1. have fun! eat some bangers and mash for me! (or don't. those are actually really gross.)

  2. actually they're not! will definitely be sampling some. and fish and chips and a good curry!