Friday, March 26, 2010

So far so good

Well the calf continues to cooperate and I was able to gradually add some mileage each day this week until today which I took completely off as I am hitting a workout in Mcalpine in the am with Mike B and Jordan.

It didn't look promising on Monday when I was still very sore from Saturday's efforts and I spent a pretty painful 4 miles not 100% sure that the calf was going to hold out. Tuesday was more encouraging as I headed out early and ran 6 miles, meeting up with the 'Miners' for half of it. Steve told me about his new blog which should prove to be a good read as Steve's passion for running is awesome!

Wednesday it was back to the Dowd am runs and 7 pleasant miles with the gang and more of the same on Thursday but this time 8 miles and this time with Aaron and Jay laying down their usual end of run hammer as they head towards Boston. That woke up the legs and lungs a little and the positive reaction from my calf started me thinking about the next few weeks- mileage goals, workouts, etc.

Which brings me to tomorrow and 4*2 miles on the trails. If that goes pretty well I might start feeling I'm back in the saddle....

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