Friday, March 12, 2010

More positive

So I have been in a better mood the past couple of days. I'm still not running but I have hit that stage of the recovery process when you start getting used to the fact that you can't run and you start focussing on recovering properly and looking longer term. This is in sharp contrast to the mood you are in in the first few days of being injured when all you can think about is how much fitness you are losing and wanting desperately to be back out there again!

Another reason for my more positive mood is that I eventually gave in and went to see Dr Duffy yesterday and he gave me a really good going over with the 'scraper', lazer and blood pulsing machine before taping me up with 'kineso' tape. Two more appointments with him next week and I should be in the clear. In the mean time I have been biking in the gym and with the family out of town this weekend (boo) I should have time to cycle and swim both days.

With no family around this weekend will surely decide whether I will ever become a fan of college basketball. I can't see it as I don't think I will ever be able to 'love' a sport where if you are losing in the last minute the only way to try and come back is to deliberately foul the opposition.


  1. isn't there some soccer on this weekend? conference bball tourney's are good, but it's still a week until the real dance.

  2. my team play sunday morning but i'll have to find it on the internet

    yeah from what i can see, those teams that have already qualified for the 'big dance' just seem to be going through the motions in these conference games