Friday, March 19, 2010

Hopefully out of the woods?

So this week I had a couple more sessions with Duffy and his devices and even managed two pain free runs. Wednesday I ran just over 3 miles and today just over 4. I think as long as I am careful with the calf for the next few days I should be back on track soon.

Speaking of being careful, tomorrow sees the start of the RFYL Grand Prix Series. Having come 3rd, 2nd, 2nd from 2006-8 I was unable to complete the Series last year so one of my goals for this year is to go out and try and win it.

So not the best start on the cards tomorrow! but here's the deal. You get to drop your two worst races so tomorrow's will get thrown out anyway. The kicker? Unless you complete ALL the races, you miss out on a 250 point bonus which will probably put you out of the running right away. So my plan is to run the race just so I can record a time. Something about this doesn't quite feel right but we'll see how it goes. I certainly don't want to try and hang with the fast guys and blow my calf out again! At the same time I have never entered a race that I haven't intended to race my heart out at.

Moving on to other sports, currently enjoying the NCAA Tournie. My Charlotte Running Club bracket is a bomb site but my bracket in the comp that I've paid to enter is still currently holding up. Worryingly for my poor wife, when I first arrived in Charlotte, College sport meant nothing to me. Each year however I seem to be taking more and more of an interest!

Back home it was a good day for Man U with Arsenal getting drawn against Barcelona and probable defeat, with Utd getting Bayern and then a French team in the semis if we get through. Sunday sees us taking on the Scousers at Old Trafford in a HUGE game.

Well time to take the dog out and try and decide how I want to run this thing tomorrow!!

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  1. ... awaiting results tomorrow, it'll be interesting to see your chosen path of 'racing'. Haha... I already know how it's going to go!