Sunday, March 7, 2010

Only blog when I'm winning

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Usual story, pick up an injury, get pissed off, definitely not want to write about running (the lack thereof), retreat into non blog updating shell....

Anyway, here I am a day after the Corporate Cup Half Marathon which was originally my goal race of this block sitting here icing my calf wondering whether I'll be healthy to start the Grand Prix off in a couple of weeks.

It all started the Wednesday after my 5k. During my early morning run I felt a familiar little tweak in my left calf and was concerned all day leading up to my evening workout. Sure enough, halfway through my workout I had to pull the plug and since then it's been very litle running and plenty of biking,massage, icing and stretching. It actually doesn't seem too serious. These 'strains' typically hit me once a year and last two or three weeks so hopefully that is this year's out of the way and I can get fit again soon!

It was very frustrating to have to pull out yesterday as I'm in pretty good shape and had been looking forward to duking it out with eventual winner Jay Holder. Congrats to him, he's going to run an awesome Boston next month! As for me I'm just hoping this will be but a temporary blip in what will be a successful 2010!

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  1. Bummer. I really hope you mend up quickly. I to o think you have a great 2010 in you.